Tow Dollies

Tow dollies are used to tow light and medium vehicles. That includes that’s sedans, cars, hybrid or SUVs. Tow dollies are easy to latch onto both towing vehicles or damaged vehicles. It will only take our towing specialists a short time to secure your vehicle. Tow dollies come in handy for a diversity of situations. Whether used for towing RV trips or to tow a broken-down automobile, they can be very useful.

Uses of Tow Dollies

Another purpose of tow dollies has to do with the odometer. For certain vehicles, the odometer will keep adding up despite the ignition off. this is where tow dolly comes in. When the front tires are elevated, this is not an issue with these types of cars because a tow dolly keeps the mileage of the towed vehicle the same count as before towing begins.

Sometimes when drivers have all-wheel-drive, four-wheel-drive vehicles, they will need to have the driveshaft disconnected or install other types of towing accessories.

Having an automatic as compared to a manual transmission will affect the towing process. Drivers may consult the information from the manufacturers of the vehicles to assist in deciding whether a tow dolly or towing four wheels down is most appropriate for the situation. Some vehicles are more expensive and challenging to prepare for towing, while others may just need a slight adjustment. Should you consider the expense of towing four wheels, such issues can be prevented using tow dollies.

There are some points to note when utilizing tow dollies. Whenever you plan on towing a vehicle, you ensure the tow dolly is hooking up to the towed vehicle before starting to tow it. Additionally, the towed vehicle should always be loaded facing front. Should the weight of the engine is in the back of the setup, the vehicle will likely sway, leading to hazardous driving situations. If your vehicle has a rear or mid-engine, you will want to look into getting a trailer to tow four wheels up.

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We handle more than just small issues like providing you with a tow dolly. We have all the right equipment and the experienced towing specialists you need to load up practically any type of vehicle and carry it safely and efficiently. Whether local towing or long-distance towing, it is not something that will trouble us. With Long Beach Towing, you can be sure your vehicle is in safe hands.

Tow Dollies

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