Heavy Duty Towing

Heavy duty towing needs to be carried out by towing technicians who have the experience and credentials to do so. Doing it wrong can result in injuries and damages. A vehicle malfunction will always catch you by surprise, but not to worry, our towing technicians have the expertise that will meet all your towing needs. As one of the leading heavy-duty towing service providers, we are here to help you with all your vehicle emergency needs. We are skilled with local towing, long-distance towing as well as roadside assistance. heavy duty towing. Our team is trained educated in various facets of towing, and we can deal with a wide range of towing issues. We specialize in every aspect of vehicle breakdowns, and we have the expertise to understand what to do to get your vehicle off the road quickly.

Vehicles That Need Heavy Duty Towing

Buses can prove to be challenging to tow due to their size and weight. With heavy-duty tow trucks, they can tow these large vehicles proficiently and safely. Certain tow trucks have extended wheel lifts that can hold deep and tight onto the axles so that the vehicle can be towed to the designated location safely.

The same applies to semi-tractor-trailers. Without the knowledge and experience, towing these vehicles may prove dangerous and could pose potential risks to damaging them. Be sure to engage services from reputable and well-established service providers that know how to handle and manage semi-tractor-trailers.

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Whether it is a commercial or personal vehicle, we can haul what you request to the desired location. Our professionals are available at any time, in any type of weather, and can come to any location in Long Beach for your preference. When you contact our heavy duty towing service, you can expect to receive an affordable and competitive rate, with all the towing equipment and expertise to complete any heavy duty towing recovery job. With our ever-ready team and dispatch, we offer a fast response to our customers.

We understand the importance of time; the longer your vehicle is down the higher the chance you will risk getting losses. Due to this understanding, we strive to operate with speed to get your vehicle to the repair facility to have it fixed, or back on the road as quickly and safely as possible without causing further damage. Everyone from our team endeavors hard to provide professional towing services and roadside assistance. The safety of you and your vehicle are our top priorities. We will go to where you are with our heavy-duty tow trucks, tow dollies, flatbeds, and wheel lifts. It is our pleasure in assisting our customers, no matter the day and time.

Heavy Duty Towing

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